Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas village

Oooooo. I've been wanting to do this for years. Almost exactly five, actually. I "discovered" the blog-o-sphere not long after Christmas (or was it before Christmas?) 2007, and one of the first blogs I started reading was Posy Gets Cozy. I fell in love. I started working backwards, and found Alicia's snow village post. Almost exactly five years ago. Ever since then, I've wanted one.

I loved our mantel in Binghamton, but it was nowhere near big enough-- maybe six inches deep and 36" long, not enough for village. Our mantel here is probably nine or ten inches deep, and longer, and there's even that extra shelf on top I plan on expanding into next year. It is a very, very ideal mantel for a snow village. Maybe the most ideal one ever.

I built my little village buildings in the early hours of this year, from some old gift boxes. The only things I purchased for this project were: a bag of different-sized bottlebrush trees at JoAnn's, for $20 (lots of trees!), a bottle of chunky glass glitter, and a bottle of charcoal gray craft paint for the roofs. 

I got the templates from here, and after building the house, the school, and the church, I branched out and copied a building from Gilbertsville's downtown. This is the Gilbert block, which holds an ice cream shop, a quilt/book shop, and a general store.

If I add more buildings to my village, they're going to be Gilbertsville replicas. Post office, grange, maybe a little teal house with a yellow front door and a cat on the porch?

So satisfying to see this come together. What Christmas preparations are taking shape at your house, friends?

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