Friday, September 21, 2012

Shaping up

It's finally starting to look like progress in here! It's amazing what de-cluttering and sweeping and hanging art and hiding protruding wires will do! Remember the before?

Yeesh. I shudder. 

The swing-arm sconce was an online score-- most of them run $120-150, but this little feller was just $50, so I scooped him up. The art is a motley assortment of gifts from friends, antiquing finds, and old things that have been following me around for years (the big Cayuga Lake poster). This little print is from the Black Apple on Etsy, and I've been waiting to find the perfect frame for it for years.

Laundry day, the print is called. Perfect.

I completely didn't realize that the background color of the print matches our new closet, but it does. Decorating serendipity.

Of course, on the other side of the room we have this hot mess:

...and up above we have a boring fixture in need of a switch-out....

...but if you turn around, and squint, and don't look up, things are really starting to come together! 

By the time you read this, Patrick and I will be well on our way to vacation-land. I feel like I've never needed a vacation more than I do right now, truth be told. Not that the past six months have been especially stressful, they've just been relentless. That's the truth no one tells you about working from home. Got a leaky roof? Got a fruit fly infestation? Got a blue million garden projects to complete before snow? Well, everywhere you go, no matter which window you stand at, thinking, you'll be thinking about them. 

It's been a fabulously productive season, to be sure-- we fenced the garden, laid some brick, moved the shed, hosted a really awesome little party, built raised beds, built most of a greenhouse, planted shrubs, started a flock, laid down part of a roof... put chair-rail in the great room, and bookshelves... oh, it's been a stunning and productive time, to be sure. And now, to celebrate it all in Vermont. Sigh. It's going to be a good trip. 

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