Monday, May 21, 2012

Shed on the move

We began at ten o'clock Sunday morning. We had bigger pipes, bigger chain, and an F-150. We were well-prepared, and determined to succeed. Unlike last time. Within fifteen minutes, it budged. Huzzah! We had the curious and helpful assistance of our kind and indecipherable neighbor Dick.

Slowly slowly, it creaked along the rollers. Those new four-inch pipes turned out to be the key. (Side note: anyone want to buy a lot of pock-marked 4" PVC pipe?)

Once we hit the driveway, she was a-cruisin'.

The tow chain pulled off some rotted wood trim and siding-- oops-- so she's looking a little banged up in this picture. A trip to the lumber yard is planned this week.

As we neared the final resting place, I summoned Jody from across the street, not wanting him to feel left out on all the fun. As we swung the shed around there were a few instances where the two old guys pushed on one corner while Patrick and I pushed on the other, and the shed slid like it was on skates.

Once it was over the site, we jacked it up and put the blocks in place.

And that was that. Amazing. Now to clean it out, spruce it up, and make it into a potting shed. I'm going to put a cold frame around its left side, and plant all manner of flowers and herbs around its right side, and flank its doorway with something gorgeous... maybe hollyhocks, maybe baptista, maybe ninebark... and it's going to be the downright prettiest potting shed that ever lived. Or close, at least.

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Becky said...

That is really, really cool! Wish I had been there to help and watch. The shed appears to be the absolute perfect size for your potting needs.

Shelley said...

Awesome moving idea! (Maybe the pipes would be useful for edging the gardens as a part of a built in watering system - pock marks could be drilled through to create holes in the pipes)

Kristina Strain said...

That's a great idea, Shelley!

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