Monday, May 7, 2012

This weekend

This weekend, I...

// Watched as we tried, and failed, to budge the shed from its spot under the hickory trees.
// Learned a lot about friction, and leverage, and the breaking point of nylon rope.
// Made a mental note to keep the garage doors closed during the day, lest the swallows take up residence inside.
// Admired the chives budding out around my fruit trees, which are also budding out.
// Repaired the back fence, and made it all the way across the gap. Almost.
// Weeded with my left hand, and held the phone to my ear with my right, all through a glorious Sunday morning chat with my mom.
// Ate from the cold frame a lot.
// Used the back steps as dining room morning, noon, and night.
// Fantasized a little more intently about the future greenhouse, cold frame, and potting shed-in-the-works...

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Becky said...

Sorry for the frustrations but happy for the learning!

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