Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You've Come A Long Way, Baby: Shed edition

I don't think I ever posted this picture on the blog. For good reason. It's ancient, as these things go: from our 2010 anniversary camping trip to Gilbertsville, before I'd breathed Word One of our grand plan. We stopped by the house we knew would be Our House, someday, and with no car in the driveway we walked around taking pictures, true befores.

It's dizzying to think of how far we've come, when I really step back and think of everything that's been done. I've sung that tune a hundred times before, I know, but it still hits me.

This is what we had to work with, inside the shed. Squirrel-hole-riddled homasote stuffed with gnawed hickory shells, rafters stuffed with swim noodles. The shed had no foundation. It was too close to the house, acting as a barrier between it and the rest of the backyard. So, we moved it, and now we've done some sprucing, with far more yet to come.

The quaint little potting shed in my mind is beginning to take shape. I slapped together some little shelves between the studs, to hold pots, and in between them I put two long pieces of 2x4 across two ledger boards, and set atop them a piece of project wood that was just waiting for its day in the sun.

(You know what it really is? Look here. Go all the way down to the bottom where I start talking about archaeology. It's the old stairwell trap door.)

I love the view from here. Window needs a-washin, but that can wait. For now I just want to put my chin on my hands and look at that purty garden view.

We replaced the almost-completely-rotted-away sills with nice new 4x4s, and replaced the bottom course of siding with new pieces. We primed them on both sides, to keep away rot, and ants. They look silly painted the dark tinted-primer color, and sillier still is the fact that we probably won't get around to painting this shed until after the whole house is done. 

Sigh. 2022, do we have a date?

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Lisa-Marie said...

It's BEAUTIFUL Kristina, and inspiring as we have a shed badly in need of some TLC. Thank you for sharing!

Kristina Strain said...

You're welcome! It'll be even better once it's done.

Becky said...

That's quite a bit of progress for a back-burner project! Looking good. The view is perfection.

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