Friday, June 8, 2012

Flower garden

The thing about landscaping is, it takes a long time. The "after" photos aren't exactly stunning-- stunningness, with landscapes, is something that builds momentum slowly over years and years. In five years, I expect, I will stand on the sidewalk and look up at our house (which will be beautifully perfectly painted and repaired) and see a thriving flower garden in front.

Patience, child.

Oh, it is hard to have patience.

Focusing on one small corner, one little perfect leaf or dewdrop or blossom at a time...

The pitch-perfect snakeroot with the blue hostas and lime-green snowball bush... and the Pete cat stalking along the cranesbills...

Someday, it will be stunning, but for now I'll have to settle for bedraggled, and give the tiny scraps of flower time to fluff and fill out. Starting from scratch is like that.

Happy Friday, friends! Deadlines are beginning to build like thunderheads (thunderheads that rain money) just west of my horizon, but I'm going to try to keep present here, too.

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Misti said...

It's always nice to look back at the beginnings to see where you came from.

:) Happy gardening!

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