Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Empty and full

Finally, finally managed to get this thing painted and filled. The downside, I suppose, of having so many things going at once is that things languish. I was trying to work on painting this when it was raining, but then, I try to write when it's raining, and there isn't a late spring/early summer rainy enough to give me enough time at writing and painting both.

After a bit of consternation, I decided to paint the shelves white (other possibilities were gray, cream, or the wall color) and the backs teal, for contrast. I have to admit, I was slightly inspired by Young House Love in my paint color choice, though I didn't go near as dark as they did.

The fun part was filling.

I haven't logged much time antiquing lately-- see above note about late spring/early summer and unfinished projects-- though the green glass planter on the right side shelf is fairly new. Everything so far has come from cupboards, china closets, and various other spots where I had stowed awesome stuff waiting for its day in the sun. 

Oh, and, of course, from our particle board Kmart bookshelf, which we can finally retire after ten years of hard service.

Our open house is a week and a half away, and, other than cleaning, the inside of our house is ready! That's a good feeling.

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Becky said...

It. Is. Beautiful.

I love white shelves with a contrast backdrop. You done good!

Shelley said...

The shelves look great! Where did the yellow jar beside your old bookcase go?

Kristina Strain said...

The yellow jar-- of very mysterious provenance-- currently lives on the floor by the china cabinet in our dining room. It might find a home in this room at some point. Glad you like!

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