Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend scenes

// The chicks first taste of green acres.

// Pete's reaction: Why... those are... absolutely the most appetizing things I've ever seen! He swiped, he mewed, he looked wistful and then put-out with us, and finally went off to stalk starlings.

// With aphids comes... ladybugs. Bright ruby jewels among the pea vines.

// We're eating salad in shades of lime, kelly, burgundy, and rose. This is the first week where meal planning has shifted from, "Oh, maybe I'll have broccoli by the end of the week, so I'll pencil in a stir fry..." to "HOLY GOD how do I use all this goodness up?" Garden ingredients will be in every dinner this week, that is certain, and probably also some lunches and breakfasts too. Fried egg over lettuce. Black beans and feta over lettuce. Bulgur over lettuce. Pancakes over lettuce?

// Patrick and I sat outside with the chicks, the Pete, a guitar and a couple of beers for a solid two hours yesterday evening. I have a hard time planting myself in a chair to relax when there's so many weeds to pull, but 80% humidity and two beers helps.

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