Friday, March 9, 2012


This is surely the earliest spring ever. Both Wednesday and Thursday this week were high-fifties and sunny, and standing at my office window both days I could see a perceptible change in the greenness of the yard. Last year, we had eighteen inches of snow on March 7th. This year, I got out and started raking.

Pete spent the entire day tearing around, ears back, shooting up tree trunks and leaping through the winter-killed grass hummocks in the swamp. Genevieve got her first worm of the season, which I dug up when I planted my coldframe. That's right, I planted.

I also raked, dug, strolled, beamed, fenced, contemplated, and built a gate for the other side of the compost heap.

Oh, springtime. Every day next week is in the 50s or 60s. I think it might actually be for real.

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Misti said...

I love seeing everyone's spring garden posts coming out right now! :) Happy gardening.

BeckyinVT said...

It's supposed to be crazy warm here in VT too! I don't understand, but I'm tempted to start planting as well...

Becky said...

I'm ready to plant my tiny new plot this year but holding out. I keep thinking we're going to get 2' of snow on Easter here in NC!

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