Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What can you do?

March gave us a blizzard. We didn't particularly want a blizzard, now, with my garden seeds on order and my head buzzing with the upcoming task of breaking garden ground in Gilbertsville (say that three times fast!). But we got one, all the same. Eighteen inches.

The silver lining--and it was a good silver lining-- was a county-wide state of emergency that lasted until 5pm... thus keeping Patrick and myself home, home, home. We made pancakes with strawberry-rhubarb compote on top. We took a long walk around in the drifts and the sunshine. And, well, yes, we did spend quite awhile shoveling. It ain't so bad, really. Today's going to be forty degrees, and tomorrow it rains. Spring comes every year, but it takes a special set of circumstances to have a true snowday.


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