Monday, January 23, 2012

Still lifes

Rain drops are hanging from the gutter outside the window. Our yard has gone from snow-covered to naked and muddy over the course of the afternoon, while I paced and thought and watched from the upstairs window, and wrote in fits and spurs.

I'm beginning to despair of having a proper winter this year. Whenever I receive snow gear for Christmas, winter fails to show itself. This year, Patrick and I received snow shoes, which are languishing in the garage.

In two weeks we will be getting ready to leave for Miami. I'm trying to wrap my head around that fact.

We'll be camping, so it'll be nothing decadent, but still... Miami... in February. Oh my. 

The gallery wall is still in progress. I want to hang everything at once, when I'm ready, so can strike a good balance of big frames and small frames, white frames and brown frames. I bought a new rug for the office, which is on its way. Putting down said rug will necessitate me cleaning everything up off the floor, though, so it's a mixed blessing. 

We have friends coming for dinner the next two weekends, so I have to hold off from diving into any big ambitious projects for the time being. To keep the house presentable. It's good, in a way. It's forcing me to be quiet and collected, and to not take on too much. Two months ago I had four projects going simultaneously, and right now I have just the one. It feels good to be able to focus.

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Becky said...

Maybe, just maybe, you and Patrick going to Miami will bring snow to your house.

I know how you feel. We are experiencing Spring-like weather here in NC. Daffodils are blooming, iris are sprouting, trees are budding. Not good if we actually get cold weather.

Can't wait to see your gallery wall!

Kristina Strain said...

Becky, I have a feeling you may be right. In fact, I have this weird feeling that we're going to end up driving home from the airport in a blizzard. THAT would be just *perfect.*

Magickwyrds said...

Love the pretty plates- and those pearls (?) are gorgeous!

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