Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coming along

This project is turning into the perfect winter companion. It's good to have a companion project to see you through the winter. In the past, it's been a quilt, or a reupholstery project. It helps make the time pass, and it's important for me to have something growing during the winter, indoors, when nothing whatsoever is growing outdoors. 

So, here my little collection of things to hang is growing. The mat cutter is working out ok-- I'm using these instructions, and a little hand-held mat cutter I got for $7 shipped on Ebay. White matboard is definitely a good choice for beginners-- it doesn't show the small moments of untidiness that are so hard to avoid. 

Initially I thought I was going to stick to white frames for this project, but the more I poke around on Pinterest, the more I like mixed frame arrangements that are cohesive but not matchy. So I'm bringing in some dark wood tones, and maybe some black, and oil-rubbed bronze. The little owls were embroidered by my mother-in-law, and they hung, for many years, in Pearle's house. They're very 70s, but in a charming sort of way. The black and white photo is my mother, at nineteen, looking sort of like a model I think. The flower embroidered runner we had hanging in our bathroom in our old house; I just painted the frame to make it fit a little better with this arrangement. The print in the top right corner is Acadia National Park, where we had our honeymoon. I found it in a stack of ephemera at an antiques shop. The little turtles I cut out of a magazine and mounted on cardstock. Sometimes found art is the most fun kind.

I love how this is turning out to be a mix of artifacts, family treasures, and random not-too-precious things. It's turning out exactly how I wanted it to, so far-- we'll see how it goes when I start hanging things up!

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Becky said...

Nice collection!

I was gonna guess the pic of your Mom was you!

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