Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Progress: Kitchen edition

The weather is cooling, the garden is winding down, the canning and freezing is mostly done. Music festival season is over, therefore Patrick will be around on Saturdays (at least occasionally!) and we are looking forward to getting back into home improvement. This week, I'm posting updates of progress on changes we've made over the course of the summer. Mostly, they're small, but oh, what a difference a little somethin-somethin can make.

Let's start with the kitchen. 

We came, we saw. We painted walls and trim, took down the curtains, sold the washer. 

We cleaned and scrubbed. We moved in. This picture below is from early May. We had just gotten our landline installed (you can see the phone on the counter). 

I took this picture yesterday evening, after I'd finished baking carrot pie, roasting butternut squash and broccoli, and making enchilada sauce. It's nothing major, but, see the light fixture? That's a big improvement over the possibly-older-than-I-am grotty fluorescent bar light we replaced. Gag. There were, like, dead bugs inside that thing. Like, in my kitchen. 

I found this little cutie (the light) in a clearance pile for... wait for it... $6.95. It's all about the small changes, right? The whole house, pretty much, is due for light fixture upgrades, so this is just one of many. 

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Becky said...

Love the new fixture!!! (Can't stand fluorescent lights!)

Kristina Strain said...

Me neither! We just replaced the other kitchen fixture with a nice warm incandescent light, too. Pictures soon, I hope.

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