Thursday, September 29, 2011

Progress: Great Room edition

Moving on to the great room. This tour is fun. It's making me all nostalgic. This is the room I like to sit in and say... "Purple wallpaper. Berry pink carpeting. Purple wallpaper..." It makes me proud.

First, down came the wallpaper, and up went Behr Castle Stone.

Up came the carpet. We refinished the floor, painted the ceiling and trim, and oh yeah, I started painting flowers on the wall. We moved in-- sort of.

We got a little more moved in.

Now there's an antique couch facing the wall, almost expectantly waiting for the fireplace and bookshelves that are going to fill in that painter's tape outline. Someday. I'm gunning to get this done before Christmas, too, but realistically, I know it'll be a big job. Involving things like tile and grout, and routing a propane line, and asking my dad for custom bookshelves. (I love my dad.)

So, someday. The tape helps me dream...

Oh, and in the meantime, there's always flowers. I'm really looking forward to getting back to that this winter.

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Becky said...

Wait! you are gonna cut into the lovely flowers!?!?!?! I haz idea - cut the sheet rock/drywall stuff carefully so that you can frame the flowers for another wall in that room. Crazy huh?

Lucky you to have skilled craftsfolk like your Dad!

Kristina Strain said...

We're not cutting into the flowers, but we are building bookshelves over part of them. It's ok-- I painted that area first, actually, anticipating they'd be covered someday.

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