Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking back :: looking ahead

This weekend, we will drive out to Gilbertsville with dog, cats, and chicken. We will unpack boxes. We will set up the kitchen. We might even hang some curtains. We've been working towards this for six months. We are elated. 

But first, before we go, a little slideshow. I call it 'Binghamton: The Early Days.'

Four years ago I moved in to this house. My boyfriend's house. I brought a cat, a craft room, and novel concepts like "utensil drawer" and "grocery list." We'd been dating about a year. Pete was barely full-grown. My engagement ring had been ordered, and Patrick was waiting for the "right time" in which to propose. The anticipation was driving me absolutely bonkers. 

 Boyfriend became husband. Empty house became full house. In between, we loved and goofed and cooked and ate and drank wine and yelled and jammed and danced and lived.

We were always waiting, always dreaming, always doing a little more looking ahead than looking around, because we knew someday we'd find a house we could move in to together.

Turns out, we'd just been waiting for Gilbertsville this whole time. Well. Wait no more, the time is finally at hand.


alanna rose said...

Congratulations and good luck!
We are moving soon too, and I am seriously envious that you've been able to work on your new home without living there. When you move in it will immediately be your nice! Have a safe trip, bring back wonderful stories :)

Kristina Strain said...

Thanks! It's convenient to have done it the way we did-- but definitely more money, mileage, and patience! Good luck to you with your move.

Harriet said...

Good luck with the move and ENJOY!

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