Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get my mitts

Aren't the things you figure out by yourself the most gratifying? It took me a couple of tries to get this right-- and, well, it's still a little wonky-- but I did it. 

I decided I needed to make myself a little present-- a reward for painting ceilings and painting trim and scrubbing tile and sewing curtains. And, I thought my new kitchen-to-be needed a little present, too. A little sprucing. So I cut into my Very Favorite Fabric, which I've been saving and ogling at for years, and made an oven mitt.

It went like this. I traced an existing oven mitt, adding about 1/2" of seam allowance. I cut two of those from my Very Favorite Fabric. Then, I cut two pieces of cotton batting and one piece of lining-- I used an old pillowcase for the lining. For the batting and lining, I just cut rectangles. Once the four layers were quilted together-- with lines 1 1/4" apart-- I trimmed the whole stack to the shape of the mitt. Then I repeated the whole thing with the other (mirror image) piece of poppy fabric. I stitched the two quilted mitt-halves together and added a piece of linen bias tape at the bottom.

Now for one more of these, and some potholders, and then more curtains.

And another hike like the one we took last night, please.

Patrick spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday out at the house with his dad, sanding the floors. Another step closer...



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