Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's curtains for me

So that aforementioned sewing bug? I've got it bad. In two weeks I've sewed curtains for five windows, a dog bed, a new bag and checkbook cover for myself, and three-quarters of a patched pillow front. Is this what they call nesting?

I think perhaps.

My craft room is really starting to come together.

Well, sort of. Somehow the curtains seem like a really big important step in the right direction. Even though they aren't hemmed yet. Ahem.

But, look, there's furniture in there! And some of it is even staying. (The fold-out couch will eventually live in the laundry room, making it part laundry room, part guest room.) I'm really looking forward to getting everything set up in here.

And also... I haven't hung curtain rods on these windows yet, so I draped these curtains over the closet doors just to get the pleasant effect of this pretty fabric in this pretty room.

Me likee. This weekend, this floor is getting stripped. I am going to continue to sew pillows and curtains and gentle, delicate things, while the reality of the new house continues to be anything but gentle and delicate.

But, oh. SOON. Soon. That is the word of the season. Closer, and soon. These are the words that define Spring 2011.

Closer. SOON.


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