Thursday, March 24, 2011

A bed for Diesel

I had to take a break from my stack this week and sew something fun. Not that curtains aren't fun... well, the product is a lot more fun than the process, you know what I'm sayin'? I'm happiest when my sewing is partly about the creative process, not just the end result. So, I made this. As you can see, it's a bed for Diesel. He approves.

It's basically a big envelope-backed pillow with an extra piece of fabric sewn in on two sides-- a sort of semi-attached blanket for our extremely short-haired, nearly-always-shivering dog who loves to burrow. I stuffed it, for now, with a couple of folded wool blankets, but I think I may swap those out for a squishy comforter--the ruffly, pink one I grew up with-- for something a little more, well, squishy.

I'd originally planned to make some sort of stuffed cushion to fit inside the bed. I even bought cedar shavings for the purpose. And then I thought: no. Better to make the whole thing machine-washable. A long, steady agitation in the washer will handle the dog-stink. A long, steady tumble in the dryer will handle the dog-hair. That sounds just right.


1 large corduroy slipcover, bought at Salvation Army's half price day: $2
1 fat quarter Heather Ross doggy print fabric (LOVE!): $4
Stuffins: free

So pleased. Now, to make the slow and probably difficult transition from a dog who sleeps on the couch (and our bed) to a dog who sleeps on his bed. Hmm. What do they say about old dogs?


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