Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A very happy announcement

For those unfamiliar with Our Chicken Story, please see Part one and Part two.

EGGS!!! GENEVIEVE LAID EGGS! I usually go down to check on our hen (she lives in our basement for the time being) in the evening, during dinner-making time. Last Thursday I returned from my mission proudly triumphant, holding aloft a single egg. On Friday there were two more.

On Saturday morning, there was breakfast.

(The two small eggs are our hen's; the other two are store-bought.)

They were delicious.

For awhile, I'll admit, I wasn't sure the chicken arrangement would work out. Each evening I would dutifully tramp down the basement steps to feed and water her. Each time she would panic when I lifted the lid off the cage, though she'd settle into gobbling up her food as soon as I put it down again. More worrisome, there were no contented chicken noises. Anyone who's kept chickens knows, they make rather endearing happy sounds-- little karks and peeps and aaaaarr-aaar-arks. Then, suddenly, the contended noises began. And almost as suddenly, there were eggs.

They're small, but boy, are they tasty. We are so proud of our chicken.

Now, my time in the basement with her is a little conversation. "Thanks for breakfast yesterday, Genevieve," I say.

"AAaaaaar-aaaar-ark. Kark, " she says.

I think we're friends. Now, come on, Egg #4!


Lisa-Marie said...

Hurrah! That is fab Kristina!

Aren't fresh eggs lovely?!

Kristina Strain said...

Oh my goodness, YES! It's so nice to return to them after many years without.

Laura said...

She is AWESOME!!! Makes me wish I could find a way to keep a beautiful little hen in my apartment! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Yay for fresh eggs! You're right, she does sound like she's settling in.

karen said...

Yay, first eggs taste the best (because they are so exciting:) Im glad shes settleing in and feeling happy

Becky said...

You think she is happy now just wait til she has a yard with bugs!

katherine mary said...

i can't believe this. you never cease to amaze me. seriously.

Kristina Strain said...

Don't get carried away, Kate. The hen chose us.

Karmyn R said...

Yeah! Her eggs will get bigger as the months go on.

It took 10 years before my husband convinced me to have chickens. Now we have 12 - and they are so much fun. I hope you can let her out to free-range a bit. It is amazing how they can keep your yard fairly pest-free (at least reduce the amount). And, they are entertaining too!

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