Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lamp revamp

I finished this project last week, before departing for North Carolina, but I wanted to share it with you before I forgot.

Like most things, the story of this lamp is really more of a saga.

I bought the lamp itself back in October, at Charlie Brown's Antiques. It was five bucks. Where now you see white, it was gold. It had no shade. I looked past those small imperfections, and was lured in by the amber glass.

I brought it home, taped off the glass, and painted it green. Mistake. I smacked myself on the forehead, rolled my eyes, and lugged the now-uglified lamp to the basement.

And there it sat, waiting in the wings, waiting for a brief clearing, a chance to be resurrected. Last week, I doggedly collected the necessary items: white spray paint, a lampshade from Salvation army, ribbon and fabric.

In between applying coats of spray paint, I worked on covering the lampshade. Something I'd never done before. I had a tutorial in hand. I had tailor's tape and hot glue and Gingher shears and a fair amount of Crafty Impunity. In the end, I decided to be satisfied with my first attempt, even though the fabric doesn't quite meet in back. Oh well, that's what the back is for, to be turned towards the wall so no one will see the my true lazy-lampshade-recovery colors.


Total cost:

Lamp: $5
Shade: $2
Spray paint: $3
Fabric: $3/yd, used less than half a yard
Ribbon: $1

I love that part. And I love my new lamp.

Our bedroom is well on its way to having some style, finally.


Becky said...

This lamp is fab!!!!!

But I am mad at you. Where were you in NC? I totally live in the middle. We could have met up. Now I go pout..........

Kristina said...

Phoo! I thought you lived in Kentucky. (Why did I think that?) I was in Greensboro.

Becky said...

We live like 45 mins from G-boro! Dangit!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristina said...

Next time!

Becky said...


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