Monday, May 17, 2010

Hush puppies and minor calamities

It's Monday, and I'm back. It's good to be home, it always is.

The trip was good: three days of friends new and old, hot cars, milkshakes, and the kind of minor calamities that make really good stories after the fact. You know the kind: combine five people, two cars, one cantakerous GPS unit and an unfamiliar state, add a little Murphy's Law, and funny things happen. The all-night laundry. The smoking car. The dead battery. The indecent proposals.

We were, after all, there to see Alexis graduate. And graduate she did.

But mostly, we ate.

We ate hush puppies and biscuits and Krispy Kreme donuts, black-eyed peas and sweet tea. We sampled the local soft drink: Cheerwine, and drank many a milkshake. There was lunch at an Indian buffet, too, and the best authentic Chinese food of my life. There was the happy celebration of low state alcohol taxes in my wallet. Eating may not be the most important aspect of travel, but it's surely my favorite. There's always something different to experience.

That said, I am seriously jonesing for salad, salad, salad. And that's a good thing, because my lettuces are ready to start picking.

P.S. She loved the quilt!


Anonymous said...

Eating is my favorite part of travel too! It's such an important aspect of time spent together and experiencing a different place. Looks like you had a blast.

Becky said...

So very glad you had fun!!! And eating is always a good way to hang out with pals.

You must have been somewhere in The South to have the chance to drink Cheerwine. Did you like it?

Kristina said...

Becky-- we were in Greensboro, NC. Cheerwine was good, though definitely an aftertaste.

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