Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dog vs. Skunk

This is what happens when curious and slightly seeing-impaired little doggies go after backyard skunks. They wind up in the bathtub, shaking and dry-heaving, getting doused with vinegar and dish soap. This is the third time in Diesel's life he has gotten hit by a skunk. You would think he would learn.

Anyone out there have some good skunk-related war stories? How long did it take for the stink to dissipate?


Susan said...

Sorry you didn't know about this. You should lay in some hydrogen peroxide for the next time. DON'T wet the dog before applying.


Amie said...

Oh I have nearly forgotten how horrible that smell is. Oy. And it DOESN'T go away, no matter what anyone tells you.

While housesitting for my parents last year one dog got skunked. These are big dogs (golden-retriever/German shepherd/chow mutts) and he was sprayed right in the face and across his whole side. He was foaming at the mouth and looked just awful. His sister dog was bouncing all around him - so excited with all the action, so while I was scrubbing him in the bathtub I let her out.

Two skunked dogs. Rubbing all over my parent's furniture and rolling around on the carpet just loving their stinkyness.

and FYI: Tomato juice definitely doesn't work - it just makes them smell like a skunk eating a tomato.

Kristina said...

Hydrogen peroxide! Well, hopefully there won't be a next time, but if there is, thanks!

Amie-- your story sounds pretty hardcore compared to mine. I would think big, furry dogs would be a lot harder to clean.

Susan said...

Sadie got skunked twice. That recipe works wonders. The first time it was snowing and she was already wet, so she smelled slightly skunky for awhile. The second time she was dry and we swabbed it all over her and the next day we couldn't even tell. But the second time she only got it in the face.

Becky said...

Poor Diesel!

Luckily we've never (knock on wood) encountered a skunk with Petey the Boston Terrier.

We keep h5o on hand so I guess we're prepared.

stephanie said...

Poor little guy. I had 2 labs when I was younger and we near a farm. They smelled many times of skunk. Pweh!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! <3

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