Friday, October 23, 2009

Post-Industrial Household Artifacts, with quilt

This was the scene on my dining room table yesterday evening. It isn't always clean and tidy. (Rarely, in fact.) Oftentimes it's the scene of an epic battle between sewing projects and squashes, periodicals and paint cans. All is cleared away for dinner, but in between mealtimes, chaos reigns supreme.

Click on the photo below for an interpretive view:

Oh well, at least it's colorful.


Susan in SC said...

Your quilt is beautiful and your table looks just like mine! The only difference is that I have cats that like to check everything out on the table!

Becky said...

There is rumor going 'round that we have a dining table. Haven't seen it lately. I think it was crushed under the weight of misc. items that need to be put away, thrown away, given away............

I love that you clear your table for dinner - super nice tradition.

Kristina said...

Susan-- thanks. Our cats are fortunately too fat/lazy to jump on tabletops.

Becky-- Good luck tracking it down, maybe you should put up LOST posters? ;-)

I think our household would unravel pretty rapidly if we didn't eat together every night. It's our glue.

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for the comment on my blog! I've been reading through yours and enjoy it quite a bit. I really love this quilt you're working on.

Meghann said...

I recognize that quilt! It will very soon be hanging above my couch. As soon as I'm motivated enough to reorganize my photos.


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