Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer on its way

Fall seems to have settled in early this year. As unannounced as a crazy uncle moving into your spare bedroom, suddenly there's touches of bronze on the leaves, the mornings are foggy, the berries are blushing. I always get just a little bit mushy when fall arrives, I'm not sure why, but be prepared.

That's where I've been this past week. Canning. Buying end-of-season bargain table perennials and sticking them in the ground. Mourning the end of sandal weather, and shopping for new cold-weather shoes. Contemplating the changes this season is bringing me, and, as always, trying in vain to prepare for them before they come.

It never works. Changes, no matter how far in advance you see them approaching, are always a little different than you expected.

But, darnit, I still try.

This season, it's the transitions in my social circle I'm contemplating. With the departure of my neighbors, I've sat and thought a lot about the importance of friends. Since moving to Binghamton (and into Patrick's house) two and a half years ago, I've thrown body and soul into my lovely kitchen, and this glorious old house of ours, and spent precious little time on friends.

Just now I'm waking up to realize, I'm 26 and living like an old lady! (An old married lady?) What do I do for fun? Can tomatoes? Scrub dirty pots? Before there's baby bottles in my dishwasher, it's time to make some connections.

(Disclaimer: I do love canning, I really do. But last week after work, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I stood in my kitchen and stirred bubbling pots, bleary-eyed, until my jars had processed and it was time for bed. Lunacy!)

Enter the second job.

Yes, second job. I am immensely trepidatious about whether I'll still have the time to cook lavish, blog-worthy food. Or whether my head will be able to spend adequate time on its pillow. But, I am certain this change will bring one thing: time out of the house having fun and meeting people. Music to my ears.

So. You may see some recipes here in which I've used beans that came from a can, beans I did not soak myself. You may see canned tomatoes, and store-bought bread. You may even see cheese I didn't make myself. I just wanted to be up front about things, because I'm going to start cheating. Taking shortcuts. Ordering pizza? (Maybe not that far.)

The changes are coming. I'm ready.


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

wow second job - good luck! i can see what you mean though about the worth in being young and getting out there with friends. it's something i need to work at too.

Kristina said...

I'm glad you feel the same way-- why does it suddenly become to tough to make friends once you graduate college? That's been my experience, at least.

Gina said...

Hmm...I can't help but wonder if the two can't coexist - why can't you cook and have friends? Perhaps what you're looking for is a kitchen companion. Friendships are made richer by shared interests. Good luck with your new job and don't worry about making friends, those are the kind of things that happen without trying! =)

Lisa-Marie said...

Good luck with job 2!

I, at 27, also live like an old lady in some ways. I like to bake and sew, and I even like cleaning.

Fortunately its balanced by going to gigs and getting a bit drunk occasionally! Most of my new freinds are ones I've met through gigs and things, else I would have no new friends.

I think its tough after Uni because you get a grown up job, and have a grown up life, and there's less time for going out, and also you see the same people all the time.

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