Friday, June 5, 2009

Off to the wilderness

Well, as of today we are off on our summer vacation. It's not a long one, I promise. I've been scarce this week, (sorry) in a flurry of packing and prepping and list making and excitedness. There will be canoe trips on silent lakes, loon calls and silvery moonlight, gooey smores, dew-brushed leaves and long talks beside the fire. There will be a magnificent anniversary dinner (June 7th!) at a woodsy little bistro, and Patrick's birthday night out in Saranac Lake. It promises to be a good trip. Adirondacks, here we come!

I'll be back Sunday, the 14th, with lots of photos and stories to share.


Karen said...

sounds amazing! have fun!

Kami said...

YAY!Have so much fun! We'll miss you :)

katherine mary said...

happy happy anniversary! enjoy! love you both!

Julia said...

that sounds like a great trip! enjoy! looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Amanda Nicole said...

I just got back from the woods, and am feeling much more relaxed. Have a great time!

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