Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring: a photo essay

I hope your weekends were as full of friends and sunshine as mine was.

There were garden times:

Flower times:

Shared meal times:

And rest times in the shade of the porch roof, hydrating and applying aloe. The first warm weekend of April takes its toll.


Melissa said...

Looks about like mine, minus the sunburn (probably b/c I did a wee bit more porch sitting than sunning). And thanks for the post on herbs yesterday-- I had no idea you could freeze them!

ChristyACB said...

I gotta laugh! At least your burn is uniform! LOL. Love the tulips. Are those are your place?

Kristina said...

The tulips are mine, yes. The other flowers are from a state park not too far away.

That first sunburn of spring is an inevitable thing, at least for me. Lucky thing is, I'll tan like no one's business the rest of the summer. :)

Matthew said...

Matthew here, Seattle. That food looks great but the real reason I checked in is because Fred Eaglesmith is coming to Seattle soon to the Tractor Tavern. Unfortunatley I have a night class on Thursdays and don't know if I can skip it. I already skipped it once this quarter for Leonard Cohen.

Cassandra said...

I love the photos here. The flowers in the ray of sunlight especially...

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