Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Refashion #8: Cantaloupe cardigan

It should be obvious: I'm really getting into this refashioning business! Those of you who saw me through the Great Canning Frenzy of 2008 know that when I set my sights on something, I don't stop until I've throttled the living snot out of it. Last summer, I didn't just learn to can. Oh no. I started modestly enough: applesauce, bread and butter pickles, a little tomato sauce. Pretty soon I was fastidiously compiling recipes, buying pectin by the quarter-ton, and inviting myself over to my parents' friends houses just long enough to load their unwanted canning jars into my car, slam the trunk and drive away. I exaggerate, but only a little.

But this post isn't about canning, it's about refashioning. It's about how, in the space of six weeks, I've doubled my bobbin supply, halved my fabric supply, and purchased no less than six different kinds of elastic. Oh, and three new books, eighteen spools of thread, snaps, a zipper foot, and a covered button maker.

That's where this project began, right there with the instant the covered button kit touched itself down into my cart. Visions of sweet little flower-covered buttons danced in my head, thanks in no small part to one Amy Karol.

This is the first project I've done where I actually used two thrift-store items. (Ooooh, do I get extra refashionista points or something?) The sweater (obviously), but also the fabric I used to cover the buttons and trim the bottom of the sweater. It was a cotton/spandex-blend skirt from American Eagle, and let me just say emphatically that after 1+ hours hunched over the thing with my seam ripper, I am never de-constructing an American Eagle garment again! Triple-seamed madness. Yeeps.

The covered buttons were ridiculously easy to make. And exciting. So exciting I felt the need to dance back and forth several times between my craft room and Patrick's studio saying, "Look, honey, covered buttons!!!" I'm sure he was thrilled.

ANYway, this is the before shot, just for reference:

(The funny red line down the middle is my tailor's chalk.)

Don't worry, pretty soon this phase will wind itself down and I'll move on to my next fixation. Any guesses? Paper mache, maybe, or mosaics? Candle dipping? Welding? Your guess is as good as mine!


Kami said...

My I predict? Goat herding. I see it now. Kristina and Patrick's little urban homestead, Diesel chasing the goats around the back yard, nipping at their little goat hooves. The cats...sleeping in the window, oblivious to all the the goat milk. And let's not forget the homemade goat cheese! Yum! Just be careful to keep them out of your garden or there'll be no sugar-snap peas for you!

Karli said...

BEAUTIFUL! Pretty soon I'm going to need to commission you to make me some clothing... the items get cuter with every refashion!

Kristina said...

Kami, that's dang insightful. I can see it, yup, just like you said. :)

Karli-- Aw, thanks. You made my day.

Cassandra said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I've really enjoyed what I've seen on yours...

Funny thing is that I posted about a repurposed sweater myself today. Isn't it fantastic to turn something not quite so perfect into something rather superb!

I'll most definitely be hanging around here a bit.

Cassandra said...

Hullooooo again.

I just used a straight stitch for my petals and left the edges raw. It worked well that way. I like the deconstructed look about things...

Susan said...

The closest I get to repurposing is cutting the ribnecks and hems off my yardwork tshirts! I like watching your transformations though.

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