Pinning a baby quilt, 7/3/10
I'm Kristina, the author of Sweetfern Handmade. If you can't find me, I'm probably at my sewing machine, or in the kitchen, or in the garden, or sifting through the piles at my favorite antiques stores. I've been married to my husband, Patrick (a musician), since 2008. We love spending Tuesday evenings with a bottle of wine, and Saturday mornings with NPR, bagels, and a long hike.

Stuck in the rain on a hike, 5/1/09.
We lived in Binghamton, NY, from 2007 to May 2011, and then we moved into our dream house in Gilbertsville, NY. It's an 1850 farmhouse on one-and-a-third acres. It has wide plank floors upstairs and coffered ceilings and built-ins downstairs, and it's treating us pretty well so far. For before-and-after pictures and a house tour, check here.

 We share our house with two cats (Pete and Olive), a Boston terrier (Diesel), and a chicken named Genevieve. Our flock will probably grow in the spring. Four chicks are planned.

Patrick is a musician-- guitar and pedal steel are his instruments of choice-- and I am a freelance writer and part-time waitress at the restaurant in town. Our lives are full of dreaming for what's ahead, be it as game-changing as having a family or as small and lovely as planting a plum tree by the back fence. We're happy to have you along!

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