Friday, May 29, 2015

Looking toward June

Things are looking SO good. I'm about at the point where I've dealt with it all-- that first post-winter clean-out is so important. It's amazing how far some of these spots have come, even just since last year. For instance, this bed by our garage. Those variegated dogwoods light up like incandescent bulbs in the late-afternoon sunshine.

This was last year...

And the circle garden is really filling in, too, and looking just great. This was 2013.

It has been incredibly unbelievably DRY, that I will say. Things are mulched, but still. We need rain. I lost my first round of tomatoes to a very cold night last week, but the second round are now in, and doing fine. I have peppers and even okra this year-- a new one for me-- and will get to planting beans and squashes and cukes this weekend. Meanwhile, the flowers are looking just positively to die for. The outdoors, at least, is ready for our Open House, which this year will be June 13th. It's one of my favorite days of the summer, every year, and I can hardly wait.

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Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so lush! I agree on the rain. Even in the middle states we've been dry, and my attempts to keep my meager garden going require remembering to water each and every day. Enjoy your open house!

Becky said...

Beautiful! One of theses days a couple of random Southerners are gonna show up at your Open House. ;)

We need rain here too. I water my new garden spot every other day. Pretty sure water rationing will go into effect. bleh.

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