Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First freeze

We got our first killing freeze last night. My row of arugula very muchly resembles a pile of green rags. Sigh. I've been in denial about winter, partly because we're going south for that week after Thanksgiving. It will definitely be winter when we get back, but until then I can pretend it's still fall, right?

Today it is going to be 60. This will be the last time it is 60 until April at least. I am going to rake one last time, and put the heater in the chicken coop, and work on my Etsy shop.

Thanks to those who chimed in with feedback on Monday's post. I really appreciate it. I spent all yesterday designing labels, and I have to say, I feel this momentum behind the vulgar approach. It makes me cackle. Those who told me I was beautiful and talented and don't need to swear, well-- thank you so much, first of all, but most of the time I feel like the farthest thing from beautiful and talented, as I haul in muddy buckets of parsnips and struggle to patch together enough income as a writer to buy Christmas presents. This life is beautiful, but it's also really incredibly hard, and part of me just needs an outlet. Can you all who think this is a lousy, ugly idea put your reservations aside and still visit this space? I hope so. And I do thank you for being kind, and polite, in your comments.

And rest assured, this blog isn't going to be changing. The beauty needs an outlet, too, and this is where it goes.

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Julie Vidani said...

maybe you could do a Sweet & Spicy or Naughty or Nice theme and purchasers could choose which label they might like. I might choose nice or sweet for a mother in law gift and spicy or naughty for a good friend.

Kristina Strain said...

I like that idea! I'm sure some evolution will be part of the process-- that might an idea I test out if being purely naughty doesn't work.

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