Monday, September 8, 2014



This weekend, pesto and roasted red peppers and salsa and more tomato sauce happened. This weekend, I also got to see the band play a festival, and I danced in a red dress and cowboy boots. Other than that, my time was spent canning and doing horse chores, so those two hours dancing and sipping a clandestine beer at the festival were important.

Today is my last day of horse duty, and I am grateful. Everything went really well. I have a new-found respect for Horse People. I have a whole lot of manure for the garden. 

I have no 6 am wakeup tomorrow.

It all balances out.

And just when I thought I was on top of things "out there" in the garden, I hauled in two big baskets of tomatoes and cucumbers and beans and hot peppers this morning. Sigh. It will all get done somehow. I think!

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Becky said...

Sometimes clandestine beers are the absolute best!

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