Friday, August 8, 2014


In hopes of being done with the dirty-towel-countertop-protection-system by the end of this week, I set myself the goal of finishing tiling and grouting the area to the left of the sink and behind the stove. 

Yesterday, I learned how to use a tile grinder. I also learned how to remove the blade guard from the tile grinder. And THEN I learned how to wear my balaclava, in addition to safety glasses, to protect myself from tile shrapnel. And this morning, I grouted. Yay. I wish grouting took as long as cutting tile: it's one of those ta-da! kinds of projects that takes a thing from totally unfinished and kinda ugly to shiny and pretty, and it's usually pretty easy. Less easy on a wall, but still. Fairly easy.

This weekend I am looking forward to CHILLING. It's Friday night, P has a gig, and I might even stay home from the bar. Imagine that. I did that last night: lounged on the lawn with Pete and Del, talked to my mom while chopping peppers, and drank a mojito in bed. Kristina's ideal August Thursday night. So glamorous. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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Becky said...

Kitchen looks fab! You have so many talents. Inspiring. I'm hoping to have a lounging sort of weekend since it's raining. Might finally get the drapery rod hung in the bedroom. Maybe.

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