Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doggy date

Hey... you like sticks... too?

No way! This one's really yummy, want to try it?

Mooom! I think I made a friend!!!

We've been trying to get Del more comfortable around other dogs. He's great with the dog-in-laws, until food is introduced. Dogs we meet on walks are either, "oh hi, I'm a dog too!" or "BACK THE HELL OFF I'M THE DOG HERE!" His reaction can be a little unpredictable-- and I'm starting to think it has more to do with my body language when we're meeting a new dog than anything. But that is neither here nor there, really.

What this is about is walking Delmer Monday night and going by the park and seeing our friends Jay and Katie (and Chloe, their dog) and inviting them over for a campfire. Impromptu-style, the absolute best style for a long June evening. We'd all done a hike together a few weeks ago, which went really well, so we tried out Del's "host dog" skills. He was great. He shared his sticks. He tried to get rowdy with Chloe, (good dog-rowdy), and when she stepped all over him with her long deer-like legs, he decided maybe he didn't want to play after all. 

He made us proud. I love that proud-dog-momma feeling.

And, naturally, it was excellent to hang out with our friends (potluck friends) and catch up. The fireflies were out of this world.

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kelly said...

That's so cute, and I love the captions. I have two dogs, one of which is very unpredictable when we on walks and she sees other dogs, too. Don't know why, she loves dogs and loves playing with them, guess she just doesn't like strange dogs? My dogs are also nasty about food to each other. Only if they get into each other's bowls. Food on the floor is fair game. We just put their bowls on separate sides of our sidetable in the kitchen and it works fine. Ah the joys of pet ownership haha.

Becky said...

So funny! We narrate our dogs' and cats' escapades. And yeah, Del picks up on your subtle moves. It's good to be cautious.

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