Monday, May 19, 2014

A Saturday hike

We had Patrick for both days this weekend. The next time that happens will be-- Lord willing and the creeks don't rise-- June 14th, so we all (Del and Pete and I included) made the most of it. There was a Saturday hike and Sunday morning pancakes and Sunday afternoon lawn-loafing with beer. Mexican food Saturday night. Just lovely. Just right.

We did our usual, our favorite. The Farm Loop. The most perfectest trail for humans and canine alike: a good hoofy 1.5 mile steep HILL, a couple of gorgeous old farms, one muddy farm pond full of tadpoles, pretty woods (we saw a tanager) and no one else for miles. Off-leash time for Del. Just right.

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Becky said...

Off leash time together is great. Thanks for the pictures so I can hike vicariously!

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