Friday, May 9, 2014

A revamped glider

This is probably going to be my last indoor project for awhile. Other than, y'know, the kitchen. I started this in March sometime-- about the time I started to give up hope that spring would ever truly arrive-- and it took a long time. 

The glider was a hand-me-down from Patrick's parents. They asked if I wanted it, and it didn't take me long to think futuristically-- someday, we will have babies-- and say, yes, please! It was in great shape, but early 90s dated buttery woodtone and ugly ugly blue-and-pink upholstery. I looked and looked for a before picture, through my archives, and could not find one. Just use your imagination: it was bad.

Each coat-- one of primer, two of paint-- took three "sessions," since I could only reach about a third of the chair at a time. And, being a glider, it has all sorts of fussy under-works. Those were not fun to paint. Those are something I hope I will never ever have to paint again. Phew.

Sewing together the cushion covers was exponentially more enjoyable. Choosing fabrics is my happy place, for sure. And taking apart old cushion covers to use as a pattern for new cushion covers is about as straightforward as it gets. I was even able to salvage the zippers to reuse. Woo hoo! 

Everything I used for this project I had on-hand. It's perfectly functional and comfortable, it matches the room where it will live. The cushions have a restful convalescent side and a zany fun side. I am pleased. So pleased.

Woo hoo! Now, back to sanding drywall in the kitchen. It's cooooming...

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Becky said...

How did I miss this post?

I can only imagine all the twists and turns and "funny" words involved in painting this chair. ;)

The cushions are so fab. Babies...

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