Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Three necklaces

This is making for a pretty good winter, I have to say. Not a lot of folks on the east coast are probably sharing that opinion, but here, things are cozy and relatively calm. Even in the midst of renovation. I spend two afternoons a week (after the writing is done) working on the kitchen, and two afternoons a week doing something crafty. Yesterday I put up some drywall. Monday afternoon I finished a necklace and started a belt.

I've been wanting something big lately. I have a lot of sweet + demure, which is fun, too, but sometimes you want something wild and a little flashy. Just a little. I had a few Anthropologie necklaces I was gawking (like this one and this one) but honestly, $150+? For a necklace? 

I knew I had a shoebox full of broken jewelry saved from my youth, when I spent Saturday afternoons making miniature lamps and vases for my dollhouse, and an antique button habit. I had pliers and wire and all manner of crafty know-how. How hard could this be? I googled. I bought a little bit of chain and some jump rings and clasps for about $15, enough to make dozens of necklaces. Then, I started tinkering.

Mother of peal teardrops wired together with copper wire (this was fiddly), one big chartreuse rhinestone, linen for the backing, jump rings, and copper chain. Yeah baby.

Blue cotton cloth with a piece of cardboard inside to stiffen it, beads, chain, wire, rhinestones, pearls, broken earrings and brooches, a metal teardrop shape that I'm pretty sure came off a fishing lure... uh huh, yeah. This one was inspired by this project here, which I found in my searching. 

Then I made this one, with beads I've had since I was probably twelve, basic beading thread, crimp beads, jump rings, and chain. I want to make another one in green, and maybe even another one in red. Why not? We have six more weeks of winter, and I'm (honestly) in no rush for springtime.

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Becky said...

Hooray for crafty endeavors on cold I don't have to leave the house days!!! I've been knitting up my leftovers into a ridiculous scarf.

I LOVE your "new" necklaces!!

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