Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow dog

Who said they like seeing Del in the snow? Was it Becky? Probably it was Becky. Well, get ready to feast your eyes!

We got some snow yesterday. All day snow. A lot of snow. I don't think we quite got the 10-14 we were supposed to get, but still, we got fresh snow. I love fresh snow. Crusty tracked-up dirty snow, not so much. But fresh snow keeps me loving winter. 

Delmer and I share this sentiment.

When we got on walks in fresh snow, I know what he's thinking: must run! must run and leap and bound, bound, bound! leash is of no consideration, for fresh snow was meant to be bounded in! For whatever reason, he doesn't seem interested in bounding around the yard in the snow, but on walks or hikes: he's unstoppable.

Yesterday I was trudging to the garage and back many a time, in the snow, cutting and hauling and installing drywall. A new capability in my ken. I love adding new capabilities.

When we moved here, I'd never used a power saw. Not once. Now, I have built a fence, multiple compost bins, a chicken yard and coop, a greenhouse... installed chair rail, insulated our basement, installed light fixtures, disconnected and reconnected outlets... Wow. It's easy for me to name the lessons the garden and yard have taught me, but easy to overlook how much I've learned about home improvement just being in this home and making improvements. ANYway.

This all is coming along. It ain't perfect, but it's really starting to shape up. This weekend, Patrick will hopefully make headway on installing the can lights (five of 'em) that are going to live in the header. One little bit at a time... we're getting closer.

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Becky said...

Yay!!!! Yes - twas me loving Delmer in the snow!!!! He looks so serious. As if he is guarding the stuff!!

And lookit your dry walling!!! Go woman!

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