Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crunch time

What, you were thinking I would be done by now?! No way. I only got to primer yesterday, not even real paint, but it's a start. Before that, I had a very proud moment of ingenuity (I love proud moments of ingenuity) when I realized the bottom drawer wouldn't fit in the drawer-space not because it was warped, but because someone long ago had made a half-assed repair (I can only assume), nailing in that little upright piece that goes between the two doors. SO! I flipped the thing onto its head, wrenched out the (puny, smashed) nails, and drove in a nice big screw. Problem solved. Drawer fits. 

Sigh. It's the little things, isn't it? Anyway, today it will get coat 1 of paint, and tomorrow coat 2, and maybe Friday I'll decide it needs a coat of poly, and then that with be that. Then we will clean. We will clean as we've never cleaned before.

Yesterday, it snowed. I checked the forecast and realized, it's not going to snow again until after Christmas! and quickly decided to play hooky from writing work and spend the day finishing up a few gifts, wrapping, working on the buffet, and making another foray into the weeds to gather rosehips and white pine. A snowy day to work on Christmas things is so heavenly. Now all the Christmassing is done, save for a little bit of homey decor I want to undertake, and all that needs doing is the buffet, the cleaning, and the Feast. I can handle that. It's going to be a good Christmas.

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Becky said...

I love it when I can fix something like you did with your buffet! And I am so envious of your snow. It does make doing Christmas stuff more Christmasy!

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