Monday, December 2, 2013

An adventure

Gettysburg. It was nice to be back. 

I would definitely call Patrick and myself American history buffs-- and every fall we seem to find ourselves watching Ken Burns' The Civil War-- but the real reason we visit battlefields, is, I think, to feel like we've been transported back to 1860s America. There is something deeply satisfying about looking out over a landscape that hasn't changed in 150 years-- the gorgeous barns, the farms arrayed just so, the outbuildings, the big old trees. That is my happy place.

Last year we went to Antietam, as I mentioned, and the illusion of being back in time was actually greater there-- Gettysburg is BIG business, y'know-- the town has grown up right to the edges of the battlefield park, and modernity is in view just about everywhere. But. It was still really cool. 

We did lots and lots of walking, climbed all the observation towers, climbed Big Round Top, thought a lot about all the farmers (150 years ago) coming back to their farms with piles of bodies everywhere and their gardens and fences destroyed. I can't relate to the experience of being in battle (happily), but I can imagine the feeling of coming back after the battle.

And at twilight, we headed south to Frederick, MD, for night. That town really deserves a post of its own-- it was awesome-- but I was too busy eating and drinking and eating more and shopping and taking in the history (a little) to take any pictures. Cool, cool town.

And now we're home, the tree is up, and there are three and a half weeks until Christmas. Yee haw!

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Lisa-Marie said...

Gettysburg is one of the places on my 'must visit' list - I love history. These pictures are so beautiful.

Meand3Jays said...

Did anyone else notice the little gnome face circled in orange in the first pic?

Kristina Strain said...

I guess it does look like a gnome face! Funny sun spots. Good eye.

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