Monday, November 4, 2013

Kelly Hollow

We had an adventure Saturday afternoon. Mostly, Del had an adventure, and we sat back and watched. We arrived at the parking lot of one of our favorite places-- possibly THE favorite-- and, finding it deserted of cars on a cloudy day, we unclipped Del's leash and let him be a dog. Thrillingly and fully and no-holds-barred style. 

Gallop-gallop sniff-gallop, gallop gallop gallop mark territory, drink from creek, gallop gallop drink from different creek, sniff, gallop, sniff sniff, check for masters' approval, gallop gallop gallop. And so it went. He had such a blast. I tried really hard to get a shot that captured his joy, but he was moving so fast. I got a lot of butt shots. And I'll spare you those. 

He's such a gem. I know you know, but I can't stop finding new ways to be impressed with just how much of a gem he is. In the midst of the deep exciting woods, in the midst of being a wild wild galloping dog, Del still knew to stop and check back with us every dozen yards or so. He would stop and wait for us, ears cocked, when he got too far away. When he treed a squirrel, the good instincts went out the window, temporarily-- squirrels are Del's kryptonite-- but, well, I'll forgive him that. 

We had a fantastic time.

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Becky said...

Love days when the park is desserted and dogs can be dogs!

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