Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The end of tomato season

Well, the glory train had to end sometime. I pulled my 34 tomato plants yesterday, coiling the (very much still-growing) vines like spent Christmas lights in a pile on the grass. The end of the week is bringing us mid-fifties weather, and if it doesn't frost by Monday I'll be surprised. Figuring it'd be more pleasant to pull tomato vines in mid-afternoon sunshine than sniveling rain, I sucked it up and powered through the job.

It was a job, dismantling the supports and stowing them, harvesting every last reddening tomato (and plenty of green ones, too) and starting a final pot of sauce on the stove. So bittersweet, the end of tomato season. This year, we were absolutely rolling in tomatoes for two solid months, and that is a rarity. Such a nice treat.

Now, to harvest and freeze broccoli, shell the very last of the beans, pull winter squash vines, plant garlic, and... do more mulching... and then this here garden will be really ready for the cold months. Wow. What a year.

What a dog.

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Becky said...

Ah - the bittersweet but if I know you, you will be plotting and planning for next year's garden before the day is done.

Love that doggie face!

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