Monday, October 7, 2013


The thing about being a band wife is, sometimes he's gone and life is bland and tedious. But then, sometimes, he comes home, and life is fun and AWESOME! So it was this weekend. It had been almost two weeks with zipzilchzero weekend chill time for the two of us, and though I can suck it up like the best of them, eventually the lack of fun time starts to wear.

This weekend, Patrick had a Friday night gig, that's it! So we slept in Saturday morning, got up, waited for the grass to dry so P could mow, then we loaded up the Del and got the hell out of Dodge.

It was a humid and brooding afternoon, really odd for October in upstate, but we weren't about to complain. We headed to Cherry Valley, home of one of the most awesome old cemeteries ever, and one of the best and most fun Mexican restaurants ever, but on our way we stopped at Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park. 

The leaves were at their peak, and the woods were so pretty. 

Quickly, the sun began to set.

And just as quickly, the mist began to rise...

...which meant that, fifteen minutes later when we arrived at aforementioned spectacular cemetery in Cherry Valley, the scene was just right for a haunted photo shoot. I'm not especially in love with Halloween kitsch, but this kind of spooky I can dig. There are graves here from the Cherry Valley Massacre, when 14 soldiers and 30 civilians were killed by a mixed force of British, Loyalists, and Indians... 

Then we ate our Mexican food and drank our margaritas, and headed homeward...

Sunday I raked and cooked and harvested 20 pounds of parsnips and Patrick worked on patching the siding around the front porch roof. And then we drank a couple of beers and frolicked with Del. And had pizza for dinner. It was perfect. 

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Becky said...

As always - love your pics! Glad you got to relax with Patrick!

kelly said...

Is Del a good boy when he's out? What did you do with him when you went to the restaurant? I wish I could take my dogs out in public more often, but my girl isn't well behaved (not her fault).

My husband and I both work lame 9-5 office jobs. Although I love him to pieces, I would kill for some alone time like you have. The grass is always greener, right? lol I love reading your blog because you do everything I wish I could do.

Kristina Strain said...

Del is mostly a good boy. He's pretty good on and off-leash, but doesn't like other dogs in cars near our car. Then he gets mouthy. We left him in the car while we had dinner-- it was dark, we parked on a quiet street. We figured, you know, that situation isn't ideal for him, but the alternative would've been leaving him home ALL day, and he would've missed the hike.

The grass IS always greener!

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