Friday, October 25, 2013


My father-in-law was here this week to install fish scale in the front gable. It took not very long at all, and it looks oh, so.... so.... nice. Like, hello, you fancy little thing! Oh my!

Of course, you have to squint around the missing planks above the porch, and the unpainted planks above the porch and on the left, there, and the fact that the gable itself is unpainted, too... well, do a little squinting, ok? Patrick has two gig-free weekends, this and next, (unprecedented!) and resolutely we will finish up the bits and bobs the house requires before wintertime descends. Storm windows will fit into place. Siding will be painted. All will be wrapped up. 

All will be good. Happy Friday!

P.S. After much deliberation (lots of consultations with Patrick as Del tugged impatiently at his leash), we've decided to paint the fish scale an in-between green-blue-gray color, adding a fourth color, and a whole other level of sophistication (I think) to the exterior. I can't wait to get it up there.

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