Monday, September 30, 2013


I love getting together with this group. We make it happen once, maybe twice a year (it's easier now that the kids are getting older) and every time I can't believe how big everyone is getting, every time (nearly) there's a new freshly-baked baby to admire, every time I can't believe how long I've known them all.

These were his friends. When I met him, getting to know them was my job. It meant something to him, I knew, that I reach out and make an effort. But they were all married, and so established, and I was three years younger than everyone and still a girlfriend and where did I fit in, exactly? They made me welcome, though. And my, how things have changed now-- now we're all wives together, most of us are mothers now, too-- and together we share the bits and pieces of our adult lives that seem funny or interesting or worthy of being shared. Distances have come and gone-- jobs, houses, dogs, cars, and kids, too-- and we're all just hanging in there, marking time with each other, and getting to know and love the little people who are learning and growing amongst us, now, too.

It's effortless, now, and I realize, while I wasn't even paying attention, these folks have seen me through quite a lot.

So it was great to gather (with Delmer) on one of those flawless late-September days, with the hills turning colors all around us, as the sun set on the lake at Chenango Valley State Park. Such a full, gorgeous, soul-filling day.

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