Thursday, August 15, 2013


Let me warn you: this here blog is about to get redundant. It's food preservation season. I haven't even started doing anything with tomatoes yet, and still I have bottles of hot sauce cooling on the windowsill,

...and blanched eggplant in the freezer,

...and this bouquet of calendula, which I dried in the oven. I grilled and dried a bunch of jalapenos, too, and blanched and froze broccoli and more green beans. 

And, oh my goodness, this was last Friday, when it was pouring rain and the only occupation I had available (other than cleaning the house or caulking molding or other such nonsense-- was to suit up and harvest, weather-be-damned, in order to earn the exquisite pleasure of working in the kitchen while it rains.

That has got to be my very favorite thing about fall.

So that's what I did, last Friday. I shredded and froze zucchini, and made pesto and curry paste, and seven quarts of vegetable stock. That felt so good. Even if I can't get started on tomatoes yet (though they're coming) I can get all these other little bits and bobs crossed off.

Yesterday I went to Binghamton with Patrick, to shop, and I found, among other things, half-price lavender and alliums and hyssop and yarrow, and a pair of sturdy cargo pants in chocolate brown for three dollars (new gardening pants!). I've been working at clearing out that weedy garden edge, and now that I've purchased some things to plant there, once the job is done, I'm finding myself full-up with motivation.

And with a projected high temp of only 73, I better get myself out there...

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Obscurely awaited said...

Oven dried calendula! For some reason it's never occurred to me to dry flowers that way, only food, but it sounds brilliant.


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