Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dusting off my sewing machine

Yesterday, I made a bag. I'd shaken enough of the deadlines-induced haze from my head to realize, Monday, that a very important birthday is fast-approaching. And I hadn't made anything yet. Hadn't even considered making anything yet. So, I rectified that situation, post-haste.

I love having a stash for times like these. Having a big house full of bits and bobs and scraps and spare half-yards of this and that comes in so handy when you need to whip up a last-minute birthday present.

I went with my standard and oft-sewn tote bag, in linen and home decor weight fabric fabric, with a lining patched together from coordinating scraps. It has a squared-out bottom (which I love) and the handles are reinforced with interfacing. The birthday girl in question is turning 14-- suuuuch a tough age, considering I haven't seen her since 2008, and prowling her Facebook photos hasn't turned up much in the way of inspiration. So I went for something sophisticated but youthful, practical and sturdy. And, I reason, if she doesn't like it now, maybe she'll keep it with her for five years, and it'll grow on her. 

Here's hoping.

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Katie Otto said...

It is beautiful!

Kristina Strain said...


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