Friday, July 26, 2013

Garden eating: July

Before July totally passes us by, I'm going to sneak in with another installment in my Garden Eating series. (June's installment here.) Early July was beets beets beets, and now we've abruptly fallen through the trap door into zucchini-and-green-beans 24/7. Grilled zucchini, shredded zucchini, zucchini pizza... it's all there. The above was just grilled zukes over pasta with a garlic-oregano vinaigrette and some feta. So easy.

Steamed beets and potatoes over greens with green goddess dressing.

Pasta with white beans, garden broccoli, tomatoes, and lots of garlic.

My very favorite summer vegetable soup. The picture might say otherwise, but this actually conceals a lot of zucchini in the base. Every summer I hope for a chilly night so I can justify making this soup-- this week we had a 46-degree night! Perfect soup weather.

And... zucchini pizza with more beans and more broccoli. This recipe is such a winner-- I know I've blogged it before. 

Forgive me for not linking to it right this hot minute.

I need to go and pack. We leave in ELEVEN HOURS. Hot damn. I will be back in this space Monday, 8/5, with photos and tales to tell. Nashville, here we COME.

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