Monday, June 10, 2013

House party

We had a terrific party. True to form, I was so busy hosting I didn't take any pictures. I barely had time to eat-- I'd sit down with a plate, take a bite, and see good friends coming down the driveway. How could I stay sitting at a time like this?! We had gray though mostly dry weather, and at least as many guests as last year. The party is in its third year, and some continuity is developing among the regulars. My parents and my aunt and Patrick's parents are getting to know the town. College friends meet band friends. Everyone brings amazing food; we always end up with more wine leftover than we purchased for the occasion; family and friends alike take turns putting out more food, clearing plates, and washing dishes. For me, the day is a whirlwind of meeting and greeting, refilling glasses, and conducting garden tours. 

This year it wrapped up with a campfire group sing led by our friends the Schwarzanses, an eight-member family who loves to sing as much as I do. We sang Amazing Grace and If I Had a Hammer and Free Falling and All I Want is You, from Juno. It was awesome.

Sunday we treated ourselves (and our heads) gently, cleaned up, mowed, and took Del swimming. If there were any doubts as to his golden retriever lineage, this should pretty well put them to rest. What a water dog. Oh, and naturally, of course, Delmer was the absolute life of the party. As we expected.

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Becky said...

Hurray for continuing and building a tradition! Glad you had fun.

Love Delmer in the water pics!

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