Monday, June 24, 2013

A weekend in the Adirondacks with a pup

What a fine little trip. The photos really tell the story-- we canoed, we hiked, we chilled at camp. Del was such a champ adapting to campsite life, riding in the car (he made a nest out of our gear and lied down), riding in the canoe, sleeping in the tent. He did throw up. He did steal kindling from our kindling pile. He did really really really want to chase the red squirrels he saw along the trail. He was less interested in chasing the geese and the ducks and the blue heron we saw. 

I took him for a walk around the campground loop yesterday morning while Patrick was packing up. There was a little kid who wanted to pet him, and I was able to say "It's okay, you can pet him, he loves kids." And so the kid petted him, and Del wagged his tail and sniffed the kid, and I was... proud. Proud to have such a dog as this guy, who loves us and everyone and is gentle and sweet and good. 

He was completely and thoroughly tuckered in the car coming home yesterday. He is currently catching up on his sorely missed sleep, in my armchair. Ah, this dog. Good pup.

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Kaity said...

You and Patrick picked a special boy! He looks like he fits your lifestyle like glove! Plus, he's gorgeous! You really are taking some nice pics these days...Santa knows!
Thanks for sharing!

Kristina Strain said...

Thank you so much! I am definitely liking the new camera.

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