Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May light

From last week's heavy rains, we were delivered into a few days of high 60s-low 70s sunshine. I will never miss an opportunity to be thankful for that kind of weather. But most especially, in May. The light. The colors. The lilacs still infusing everything with that scent.

We spent most of the weekend working away on a big yard project, which I'll hopefully be able to reveal soon-- and which we'll hopefully have done in time for our big party. June 8th! Time is getting close. These photos tell the rest of the story of our weekend, of the sunshine and garden time and Delmer frolic time and all those things so perfectly May that I am loathe to say farewell to this week. It went so fast this year. It goes so fast every year. Good thing I like June almost as much.

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Becky said...

Gorgeous! Love how Delmer has just settled right in too.

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